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Century 21: Compare with Eureka.Maison

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What are the pros and cons of Century 21 compared with Eureka.Maison?


Real-estate agents

Eureka.Maison Century 21
Agents for buyers No agents, no commission to pay. With agents, and thousands of dollars in commission to pay.
Accepts buyers without agents Yes Same.
Accepts buyers with agents Your choice: yes or no. Always


Freedom, transparency and peace of mind

Eureka.Maison Century 21
Could your real-estate agent pressure you to get his commission? No (no agent)!. It is possible, and it could lower the sales price.
Could your real-estate agent block the sale of your home? No (no agent)!. Yes
Exclusion of unwanted buyers You negotiate with whom you want. Your agent cannot exclude unwanted buyers.
Behind-the-scenes investors Eureka.Maison is owned by two individuals passionate about real estate who work directly with sellers. Century 21 is a publicly traded multinational, headquartered in New Jersey. It belongs to another multinational.


Available information

Eureka.Maison Century 21
Simple method, without written counter-offers Yes!
Learn :

No. Same complicated method as real-estate agencies.
Sample offer to purchase and other documents Legal documents available for free. You must ask your broker.
Advice Step-by-step method to sell, available for free on the website. You must ask your broker.


Services included

Eureka.Maison Century 21
Complete website advertising your house Yes Same.
Complete listing with photos, descriptions, geographic map and more Yes Same.
Experienced real-estate coaches Yes Your agent.
Many agents have very little experience.
Link to your website Yes No.
Access to a notary Referrals upon request. Same.
“For Sale” sign Free printable format. Optional full-size sign (see our packages) Yes, but first you must sign a contract that obliges you to pay thousands of dollars in commission.
HDR photos Optional (see our packages) Yes, but first you must sign a contract that obliges you to pay thousands of dollars in commission.


Price and guarantee

Eureka.Maison Century 21
Guarantee You can cancel your contract at any time. Mandatory contract that is usually impossible to cancel.
You will continue to be bound by certain clauses even after the contract ends .
Price Only $115 (taxes included)
Save $12,385 on a property worth $250,000!
Prices are not displayed on the website.
Usually 5%, plus taxes.
So you pay $14,350 (taxes included) for a property worth $250,000.

In short, Century 21 will charge you $14,350 to sell your $250,000-property. Your agent controls the sale and, even if you are not satisfied with his services, you usually cannot cancel the contract.

Eureka.Maison is an innovative real-estate service that allows you to sell your home simply, quickly and efficiently, using a tried-and-true method – and at a very affordable price. Discover why you should go with Eureka.Maison.

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